October General Membership Meeting

In Person at the Union Hall (masks optional)

 or online with Zoom

Thursday, October 5, 2023

6:30 pm

Email  CookB@cwalocal3180.org for a Zoom invite.

(Email her your full name and request a "Meeting Invite".)


Officers Election Coming Up!

To be eligible to vote in the October 6, 2023 Officers Election, you must be a union member who has renewed your membership or joined the union via:

 External link opens in new tab or windowhttps://cwa3180.unioni.se/signup

(For more information about who is running for the different positions,

go to the "For Members Only" section!)

Vote on FRIDAY, October 6th

between 7 am - 6 pm!


CWA Strong!!!

Laurie Taylor, Arlene Espinal, Claudia Viladrosa, and Liz Caldwell

busy at the Union Hall on September 30, 2023.


Union Dues Information

Our new union dues system is now up and running. We will begin collecting
dues this month on the 15th (September 2023). Dues will be deducted from the bank
account or debit/credit card that you entered on the online dues form.

Each month dues will be collected on pay days, the 15th and the last
day of the month (unless those are not working days, and then
deductions will be on the closest work day before).


External link opens in new tab or window


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Protect Workers and Our Right to Organize!

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New Dues System for CWA Local 3180.

Letter from CWA National concerning this

important change. (See pdf below).


Letter from CWA National:

Florida Dues System Update.pdf



More photos and information are posted on the "For Members Only" section!


Day of Action - January 6, 2023

More photos and information are posted on the "For Members Only" section!


The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) will help provide free internet or discounted internet to many qualified workers and their families:


988 National Suicide Prevention Info: (Click on pdf)

988_Suicide Prevention Lifeline.pdf


Local 3180 Union VP Officer for Transportation Area shares

her story about the challenging job & low pay of Bus Drivers:

Be sure to read the accompanying article to the video:

There are two more articles, Lunch Ladies and Paraeducators/Paraprofessionals.

Click buttons below to read these additional articles:



Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade on Monday, Jan. 17th!

For more photos of the Local 3180 in the parade,

go to the "For Members Only" section. Press button below:


Employee Assistance Program (EAP):


EAP Flyer (click on pdf below):

Employee Assistance Program Flyer



Organizing during the School Board Meeting:


There are 2 additional ways to receive Local 3180 communication. To learn more, logon to the Member's Only Section of this website. (See tab above.) If you have forgotten your password,

 you can email Becky by clicking on button below.