If you would like more information about the Local 3180 Union, contact in person,

by phone, or email one of the Organizers.

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Joining Local 3180 is now done exclusively online.

The site is very secure, easy to navigate, and quick.

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Union Dues Information

Our new union dues system is now up and running. We will begin collecting

dues this month on the 15th (September 2023). Dues will be deducted from the bank

account or debit/credit card that you entered on the online dues form.

Each month dues will be collected on pay days, the 15th and the last

day of the month (unless those are not working days, and then

deductions will be on the closest work day before).

District 3 Letter Concerning Dues

Florida Dues System Update.pdf


Benefits of being a union member:

- Representation (union members only), should you ever need it.

- Only members can vote in elections for CWA Local 3180 Executive Board Officers.

- Attend Local 3180 Union Monthly Meetings, as well as other CWA Local 3180 Union events.

- Have access to the Members Only section of this website.

- CWA member discount card for car rentals, hotels, and other businesses & services, etc.

- Can apply for CWA College Scholarships.

- May be eligible for CWA Disaster Relief Fund.

- Members receive a free CWA Local 3180 Union T-shirt.

- 36 Reason to Thank Labor Unions! (Click on button below to read those reasons!)



Union Stewards List:

Union Stewards List for 2022

CWA AREA VPS AND STEWARDS 2022-2023 (3).pdf