Benefits of being a union member:

- Representation (union members only), should you ever need it.

- Only members can vote in elections for CWA Local 3180 Executive Board Officers.

- Attend Local 3180 Union Monthly Meetings, as well as other CWA Local 3180 Union events.

- Have access to the Members Only section of this website.

- CWA member discount card for car rentals, hotels, and other businesses & services, etc.

- Can apply for CWA College Scholarships.

- May be eligible for CWA Disaster Relief Fund of up to $1,000.

- Members receive a CWA Local 3180 Union T-shirt.



If you would like more information about the Local 3180 Union, contact in person, by phone, or email any of the Executive Board Officers.

(Click on the button below for contact information.)


(Scroll down page to read all information about checking your membership status and calculating your per pay period dues amount.)


Are You A Union Member and how to calculate your per pay period

CWA Union Dues?

If you are unsure of your union member status, follow these instructions:

1. Look at your pay detail - either a paper copy or online:

Old pay detail link:

New pay detail/ SDIRC Employee Portal login link:

(On that page, find and click on "FOCUS" box. Type in your SDIRC username and password, then click on the "Employee Self Service". From there, click on  "View Pay History" to see your pay stubs.)

2. Find the column marked as "After-Tax Deductions";

3. Check to see if "CWA Union Dues" is in the list of items.

If "CWA Union Dues" is not in the list of after-tax deductions, then dues are not

being deducted and you are not currently a union member. (See line item below, circled in black.)

To calculate your per pay period dues amount:

(Scroll down to the sample pay detail. Note the amount in the line item that is circled in brown.)

Find your Regular pay "Earnings" amount and divide by 2. This will give you the amount that you are paid per week. Next, take that amount and divide it by 40. The calculated amount will be your CWA Union Dues per pay period. If that amount is greater than your hourly wage, then the union dues amount will be lowered to 1 hour of your hourly wage amount per pay period. If that calculation is less than your hourly pay rate, then that amount will be your per pay period dues amount.

An EXAMPLE: Regular Pay Earnings is $500.00 / 2 = $250.00. Then calculate $250.00 / 40 = $6.50 per pay period CWA Union Dues amount.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Becky Cook, Secretary.



 What lines must be filled out by an employee on a union application?

(See lines highlighted in blue with an "X".)