Message from our President, Mike Murray:

CWA Local 3180 Brothers and Sisters,

  I would like to share with you what YOUR CWA has accomplished in regards to our recent insurance increase.

  With the hard work of your CWA Union and the bargaining leadership of Paul Bouchard, we came together with the Teachers Union and presented a Proposal to the District which would result in a very minimal insurance increase for all our members. We all knew that there would be some type of insurance increase especially with the uncertainty of the COVID -19, and we feel that we have come up with the best possible outcome for our members.

  We (CWA-IRCEA) presented a proposal to the District that was mutually accepted. The District has agreed to increase the Board contribution from $540 per month to $590 plus an additional $5.00 from the Insurance Fund Surplus, for a total of $595 per month. We have agreed to an increase for employees of $5.00 per month for our members. That is only $2.50 per pay period. We also have it across the board so all tiers will pay the same increase to eliminate any differential treatment. You need to be very proud of your Negotiating Team to have accomplished this. Paul Bouchard, Becky Cook, Maureen Weisberg, Barry Deem, and myself.

  This is a huge accomplishment for CWA Local 3180 and we all need to feel proud of this. It is because of the strong leadership of the CWA and the respect our union is finally receiving from SDIRC that this has happened. We will be getting a 2% raise in July and finally our insurance increase will not be taking that away.

Mike Murray