2021 - 2024 CWA Contract:

2021-2024 CWA Contract (Click on pdf file below):

CWA Contract 2021-2024.pdf




Support Staff Coverage in Classroom w/o Teacher:

Support Staff providing coverage in classroom w/o teacher (click on pdf file)

Signed MOU for CWA school-based support staff.pdf


Wages During Declared Emergency:

Wages During Declared Emergency MOU (Click on pdf file below)

MOU Wages During Declared Emergency.pdf


Enrollment Form for the Non-Instructional Sick Leave Bank:

(See Article 18 of the Contract for more specific information.)

Sick Leave Bank Form (Click on pdf form below)

Non-Instructional Sick Leave Bank Annual Open Enrollment Application.pdf


SDIRC Healthcare Insurance Premiums: (Click on link below)

External link opens in new tab or windowhttps://indianriverschools.org/departments/employee_benefits